The Placement of Utilities in St. Louis Park’s “West End”

This post is meant to supplement my previous post.

The Placement of Utilities

The odd thing about the West End is the lack of effort in hiding utilities. Gas meters, electrical boxes and water drains jut out on nearly all sidewalks. Notice that the large pipe discharges water onto the sidewalk – not the road. On a rainy day, unlucky pedestrians will have to do what? Go onto the street so gushing water doesn’t hit their feet?

The confusing element of this is there is ample “alley/service ways” where they could have placed it. The service areas clearly discourage public access with abundant signage (for example), and isn’t that what alleyways and service areas were built for anyways? The areas aren’t beautiful – and they don’t have to be. It’s a service area, use it to its full extent.

There are some utilities present, but all possible utilities should be here (instead of competing with pedestrians). A problem with this area is that it is closed off, dark (minus one flood light) and has limited exits. No wonder they are putting up signs telling people not to go back there – it’s not safe.

More coming soon …

Yep, It looks like I’ve got more to say (including a positive thing or two). However, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today and need to get going.