de Young Memorial Museum: A hard place to love …

San Francisco is probably my favorite American city. I love the human scale and the architecture. I love the culture, attitude, history and climate. It’s such a beautiful city in so many ways. In San Francisco, I don’t feel as if I’m in a city – but a collection of neighborhoods.

Golden Gate Park is as awesome as the city it calls home. It’s a big park with lots to offer: botanical gardens, baseball fields, tea gardens, a lake, plenty of homeless people and … a museum.

This is a hard place to love; and I have a feeling three things will happen here in 25 years:

1) People will universally dislike the appearance of this building, and
2) The maintenance, repairs and general upkeep will cause the over-sized museum financial hardships, and
3) The public will be unwilling to subsidize it again …

If you were curious, here is the original de Young Museum.