Meet the Streets @ BURP # 5

Used without permission from the website:

Here’s the important stuff (from Alex’s Getting Around Minneapolis):

5 pm Thursday May 31st!

Approximately 66°

Aster Cafe

125 SE Main Street, Minneapolis

$3 taps & $5 flat bread pizzas till 6

Meet some of your favorite Streets.MN writers (and some of your least favorite Streets.MN writers). There will be chats about life, liberty and the pursuit of density. What else? Bill from Twin City Sidewalks writes:

We’ll talk cities and streets and bad planning boondoggles and patios and the weather from the site of an 1855 brick factory along the Main Street of old St Anthony, gazing at the downtown skyline and enjoying a pint or two of the regions finest IPAs. [Source]

That sounds like a plan. We’ll also probably grumble about the new Vikings Stadium- maybe even Ed (from The Deets) will show up again and drop some knowledge on us. See you there? I hope so!


  1. Alex · May 31, 2012

    We should print up trading cards so kids can trade for their favorite writers – “I’ll give you two Alexes for your Nate”

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