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Thoughts on the Urban Environment

“Livability” is a word I try to avoid when describing the urban environment. It has ceased to mean anything to me. It’s a mere buzzword [I’m not alone on this – great article can be read about it here and here].Yet, While I might not be able to pin-point what makes a place ‘livable’ – I can almost always point out what makes an area not livable.

Enter:This bus stop.

This is a bus stop located in south Minneapolis on S. 36th St. adjacent to Lakewood Cemetery between Girard and Hennepin. It is one of a half dozen stops along the road that are virtually inaccessible.

How to get there?

It appears as if there were once painted lines indicating a crosswalk on the Hennepin side, but they have since vanished; and there is no crosswalk on the Girard side. You’ll have to wait for traffic…

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