Snow Day in St. Paul

Today is a cup of hot chocolate kind of day.


I woke up to this outside my bedroom window.


That was about 10am, and then it just kept coming …


We had a lot of snow. According to local news sources, we’ve got somewhere between 8 and 14 inches. It looks beautiful, but getting anywhere is a pain. The solution: nobody goes anywhere. That was my plan today and it worked out wonderfully. Kelly and I made it a snow day.

We watched adventure-children’s movie The Adventures of TinTin in the morning (on our new Roku box – I recommend it for “cable cutters”), drank hot chocolate and read in the early afternoon and went for a walk in the afternoon. Now, we’re playing Scrabble (and I’m winning).

Here are some action shots from our walk


Kids playing in the snow …


Me standing in the road …


Snow man!


And, here’s our 106 year old cottage …


Our driveway is very much an ‘over the river and through the woods’ kind of driveway. Now, here’s something quick I wanted to throw in about urban planning! One thing great about walking through the snow throughout the neighborhood is the lack of cars. You walk in the middle of the road. You get this walkers-oriented sense of ownership of the road. Plus, in neighborhoods where the roads are too wide – like my own – the lawns seem to intregrate into the snow-covered road. The spaces of “this is road” and “this is lawn” and “pedestrians go here” isn’t clearly defined. It’s just one shared space.


Have a lovely evening!

Update: Here’s a tale of a traffic engineer walking to work in a snow storm!



  1. linkert · December 9, 2012

    Road… or street?

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