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Thoughts on the Urban Environment

A recent post at Strong Towns (Measuring Productivity) got me thinking about the productivity of commercial properties that are common across our landscape. I examined two properties in Mankato: the Walmart and a modest downtown pub. Let the property tax deathmatch begin:

Walmart (Blue Earth County Tax Code: R01.

Walmart paid property taxes on 13.7 acres totaling $317,992 (2010).  This breaks down to about $23,284 per acre.

Walmart is located at the edge of town and required additional roadway to be built (and snow plowed) plus lots of additional pipes, electric lines, sewage, etc. The City of Mankato is getting $317,922 in property taxes, but has a lot of maintenance and associated costs.

Pub 500 (Blue Earth County Tax Code: R01.

Pub 500 paid property taxes on .35 acres totaling $28,744 (2010). This breaks down to about $82,125 per acre. The pub is a pretty…

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